Web site pricing estimate

Detailed information about what you really want your web site to look like is a crucial condition for determining a price for it! Nevertheless, some rough price estimations for three possible web site types are listed below:

BASIC $600
Consists of: 3 pages, up to 200 words each; custom graphic navigational buttons; and up to five photos (supplied by the customer in digital format).

MEDIUM $1,000
Consists of: 6 pages, up to 250 words each; custom graphics and up to ten photos (supplied by the customer in digital format).

LARGE $2,000
Consists of: 10 pages with unlimited number of words; custom graphic elements; and up to 30 photos (supplied by the customer in digital format).

What you are seeking probably won't fit exactly into these models, and may well, with its specifications, call for a lower or higher rate. Your website may require more or less graphics, a Flash intro, more interactivity, a shopping cart, maybe... All these factors determine the final cost. Therefore, you should send us an e-mail with basic facts concerning the project. You will get a free quote within 12 hours.

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